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Thai Happy Byrd, 2006, Pink & Silver Happy Birthday Banner, editon 3/3, variable dimensions




Press Release

Platform's Final Event, Friday 23 June 6.00-8.00 pm

Private View: SARAH & SIMON
& Book Launch: Platform 1998-2006


Sarah Baker Sarah Staton Simon Linke
Sarah Chilvers Simon Bedwell Simon Moretti
Sarah Dobai Simon Bill Simon Patterson
Sarah English Simon Callery Simon Periton
Sarah Jones Simon English Simon Popper
Sara Mackillop Simon Faithfull Simon Tegala
Sarah Pickstone Simon Fujiwara Simon Wood


Gender: Feminine
Usage: English, French, German, Jewish, Biblical
Means “lady” or “princess” in Hebrew. This was the name of the wife of Abraham in the Old Testament. She became the mother of Isaac at the age of 90. Her name was originally (Sarai), but God changed it (see Genesis 17:15).

Gender: Masculine
Usage: English, French, Scandinavian, Hungarian, Slovene, Biblical
>From the Greek form of the Hebrew name (Shim’on) which meant “hearkening” or “listening”. English form of Simeon, borne in the New Testament by various characters: two apostles, a brother of Jesus, a Pharisee, a leper, a tanner, a sorcerer (who offered money for the gifts of the Holy Ghost, giving rise to the term simony), and the man who carried Jesus’ cross to the Crucifixion.


SARAH & SIMON is the final show at Platform. The gallery opened in 1998 with large group show called Resolute and will close with this last gesture of an exhibition. Platform 1998-2006 a 120-page publication documenting the exhibitions that took place at the gallery will be launched at the opening.

The 21 artists in SARAH & SIMON share a name/s, a generation, a profession as well as a location (UK) and even, perhaps other aspects as yet unlisted which may be discovered in bringing together the works and these individuals. Simon and Sarah are the two most common artists’ names on the gallery mailing list, Biblical names in Biblical numbers. Some of them I know well while others I know only through their work.

We all notice things about our names as we grow up; they are shorter or longer, first or last alphabetically, popular or odd. Do these things shape in some minute part how we think of ourselves, how others perceive us and then in turn, as artists, what work we make? The popularity of names is always shifting. In 1964 Sarah was the most popular name for girls in the UK and Simon was the 8th most popular name for boys. Names are as much cultural by-products as art works.

Witness a current folksonomic rating of Simon and Sarah (below). Names are of their time and their class… If they don’t influence the development of our character directly then they surely reflect the time and nature of our social circumstances. A seemingly spurious idea for a ‘curated’ exhibition may turn out to be more resonant than at first glance – or not.

Either way I hope it is an appropriate wave good-bye from a space whose own ‘name’ was made by the artists work (in both senses of the word!) rather than the names it exhibited.


Open: Thurs - Sun 12-6pm or by appointment.

For more information please call Sheila Lawson.

Platform, 3 Wilkes Street
London E1 6QF
44 (0)20 7375 2973



Sarah & Simon, installation view, Platform



Sarah & Simon


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