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Works from the Sophie Calle collection, Musee Picasso Paris

"Sophie Calle Empties the Musée Picasso for an Eerie Exhibition in Which Both Artists’ Presences Haunt the Institution

One of Calle’s most impressive contributions to the exhibition is her own version of Guernica. This wall installation was inspired by an anecdote reported in Mary Gabriel’s 2017 book Ninth Street Women in which Arshile Gorky tried to convince a dozen artists to revisit Picasso’s masterpiece.

Calle did not go as far as to invite her peers—“I am not sure anyone would have answered my proposition,” she said—but their presence is still felt in the work. Her Guernica has the exact same dimensions as Picasso’s (nearly 11.5 feet by 25.5 feet) but consists of 200 works from her personal collection by artists like Christian Boltanski, Tatiana Trouvé, Miquel Barceló, Damien Hirst, and Cindy Sherman."

Sarah Belmont   ARTnews
Following from Eau Sauvage, the exhibition by Simon Moretti at the gallery in September 2022, Mackintosh Lane is pleased to present Jupiter Rising, a new video installation by the artist.

Presented as an afterword to the previous exhibition, this work features found video footage of the celebrated and revered male Kabuki actor Bandō Tamasaburō V, from a traditional Japanese play, which has been digitally manipulated and paired with a recording of the sound of the planet Jupiter recorded by the Voyager space probe and made available through NASA. Bandō Tamasaburō V is one of Kabuki’s greatest performers and a much celebrated Onnagata, a male actor playing female roles, appearing in classic Kabuki dance stories. The beauty of the silhouette and movement of the dancer and the delicate precision of his restrained movements and poses make for a palpable feeling of longing. This seductive image enters into a kind of marriage with the planetary sound generated by radio waves coming from the planet Jupiter. This simple pairing and manipulation of found materials creates an hypnotic and mesmerising experience presented here for the first time.

Like a kind of cosmic opera this work references the power play of symbols associated with patriarchal oppression, censorship, and subjugation, such as the Kabuki Onnagata and the Roman god Jupiter, whose power and control historically symbolise the patriarchal structure of both divine and mortal society.

The newly published catalogue of the exhibition Eau Sauvage at Mackintosh Lane, will also be available on the day. Designed by the artist and produced by the risograph printer Duplikat Press in a limited edition. For further information please contact 
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Over 100 global artists working with collage, as chosen by a team of art experts – an indispensable who's who of the most exciting and innovative names working in the mediumCollage is an artistic language comprising found images, fragmentary forms, and unexpected juxtapositions. While it first gained status as high art in the early twentieth century, the past decade has seen a fresh explosion of artists using this dynamic and experimental approach to image making.

Organised in an A-Z sequence by artist, the book features both well-known collagists including Njideka Akunyili Crosby; Ellen Gallagher; Peter Kennard; Linder, Christian Marclay; Wangechi Mutu; Deborah Roberts; Martha Rosler; and Mickalene Thomas, and a plethora of lesser-known names deserving of greater attention. Taking a broad definition – from analog cut-and-paste compositions and photomontages to digital composed imagery and animations – Vitamin C+ showcases 108 living artists who employ collage as a central part of their visual-art practice, as selected by 69 leading experts, including museum directors, curators, critics, and collectors. The survey also features an engaging and informative introduction by Yuval Etgar, an internationally renowned expert in the area.

The 69 expert nominators include: Cecilia Alemani; Iwona Blazwick; David Campany; Raphael Chikukwa; Patrick Elliott; Max Hollein; Hettie Judah; Christine Macel; Roxana Marcoci; Duro Olowu; Scott Rothkopf; Russell Tovey; Zoe Whitley; and Heidi Zuckerman.



Artists include: Njideka Akunyili Crosby; Kader Attia; Adam Broomberg; Sara Cwynar; Moyna Flannigan; Ellen Gallagher; Lauren Halsey; Lyle Ashton Harris; Thomas Hirschhorn; Peter Kennard; Justine Kurland; Linder; Christian Marclay; Wangechi Mutu; Frida Orupabo; Heather Philipson; Tabita Rezaire; Deborah Roberts; Martha Rosler; Dee Shapiro; Eva Stenram; John Stezaker; Mickalene Thomas; Kara Walker; and Billie Zangewa.


  • Format: Hardback

  • Size: 290 × 250 mm (11 3/8 × 9 7/8 in)

  • Pages: 304 pp

  • Illustrations: 500 illustrations

  • ISBN: 9781838665579



Sat 24 Sep – Sun 22 Jan

Nottingham Contemporary presents Hollow Earth: Art, Caves and The Subterranean Imaginary, a major thematic exhibition which brings together a wide range of responses to the image and idea of the cave. It includes painting, photography, sculpture, sound, installation and video, as well as archives and architectural models, stretching from 1960 to today, alongside works from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Beneath Nottingham are over 800 caves, hand-carved into the sandstone bedrock. For centuries, they have played host to dwellings, mines, cellars and tanneries. Inspired by this subterranean city, Hollow Earth brings together 150 works by more than 50 artists to explore questions of thresholds, darkness and prehistory.

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Simon Moretti, Untitled (Intertext) 2012 b&w copy.jpg

Mackintosh Lane

12 Mackintosh Lane

London E9 6AE


17-18 September 2022

17/09/22  2-8pm

18/09/22  12-6pm



Inspired by the transitory and experimental nature of Mackintosh Lane and its multiple identities as an artist studio, a non-profit gallery, occasional pied-a-terre and photographic studio, Simon Moretti presents new and existing works that aim to create a complex symbolic narrative as a part of an overall gesamtkunstwerk. This enigmatic display engages with issues of agency, temporality, automatism, desire and masculinity as well as continuing his ongoing investigation with 'curating as practice’. The exhibition will feature new works made with found and borrowed objects, a sculpture made with a well known iconic male fragrance, a new neon text an existing collage and photographic work.


With thanks to Michael Anastassiades, Anna Higgins, Paul Heber-Percy, Goshka Macuga, David Noonan, Polys Peslikas.


For general enquiries email :

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Thursday 8th September 2022



With Simon Moretti and Andrew Durbin. 


Camden Art Centre are pleased to mark the launch of ABACUS by Simon Morretti (2022). Published by Ridinghouse and designed by A Practice For Everyday Life, the book is presented as a non-chronological visual essay, charting ten years of collage works by Moretti. It includes text contributions from writer Craig Burnett, curator and art historian Yuval Etgar, novelists Deborah Levy and Chloe Aridjis, and a conversation with writer Andrew Durbin, editor-in-chief of frieze Magazine.

On the occasion of the book launch, Durbin will provide a short introduction offering an insight into the themes and processes employed by Moretti and his engagement with ‘curating as practice’.

The artist will also be present to sign copies of the book sold at a discounted price for the launch.

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Untitled (Homage to Picasso) 2021, collage


Book launch at PEER, London



Join us for the launch of Crocodile Cradle a collaborative publication by artist Simon Moretti, who at the start of the first lockdown, invited 51 artists including Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press, Tacita Dean, Liam Gillick, Lubaina Himid, Christian Marclay and Cerith Wyn Evans to provide him with texts – whether found, appropriated or specially created to be compiled into this publication. The book is co-published with Mousse Publishing and designed by A Practice for Every Day Life.

For this event the actress Hermione Gulliford will read the 51 contributions as a continuous script, the performance will last around 40 minutes. There will also be an oppourtunity to buy the book at a special discounted price on the evening.



20 February – 20 March 2021

PEER is delighted to present Crocodile Cradle, a new exhibition on three platforms: a filmed performance online, accessible via a QR code; a text collage on the gallery's glass façade; and a book, to be published this summer. For this collaborative project, artist Simon Moretti invited 51 artists including Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press, Tacita Dean, Liam Gillick, Lubaina Himid, Christian Marclay and Cerith Wyn Evans to supply a text that they have written or found.

The artists' texts have been brought to life with a reading by actor Alastair Mackenzie; a 38-minute-film of his one-take performance will be viewable on smartphones via a QR code, accessible from the gallery windows and online. A live performance and publication will follow later in the year.


Actor Alastair Mackenzie performing CROCODILE CRADLE


CROCODILE CRADLE, installation view PEER, London. 

Photo Rosa Harvest

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Untitled (Silent Lip Poem), 2004/2020. 
In John Armleder's None of the Above as part of It Never Ends KANAL Centre Pompidou Bruxelles. Sep 24, 2020 - Dec 27, 2020

None of the Above (It Never Ends), Exhib
None of the Above (It Never Ends), Exhib

Untitled (Silent Lip Poem), 2004/2020.Two billiard balls, old and new hanging on opposite walls

None of the Above (It Never Ends), Exhib
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The Age of Collage Vol: 3, Contemporary Collage in Modern Art, out now
Edited by Francesca Gavin and Dennis Busch
Published by Gestalten Berlin, 

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Schizm Magazine issue 10 out now

Edited by Emma Holmes

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